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What we do
We provide you with everything you need to have a good online experience. Domain, SSL-certificate, website development, and a full management so you have complete control of your account and services.
Instantly add trust & confidence with our SSL-certificates when you launch your new website! Take a look at our large collection of SSL-certificates at reasonable prices from established and well known issuers.
We develope with you from idea to online presence. If you have an ongoing project, a new idea or need an updating / renewal of your website you can get it all done here.
Support & FAQ
We have a very complete knowledgebase. If you don't find answer to your question there our support is always in place. Also, our servers are "never down".

Get online with us!

Instant setup & fully automated clientsystem! You order and we set you up instantly as soon as your order is completed. Everything is done automatic and smooth. Our clientsystem is available for full management and you have full control of all aspects regarding your account with us!
Website security
Trust is the key!

It's more and more necessary to have a secured website. To show a green padlock or green adressbar is becoming quite essential to secure a smooth browsing on your website and error-free email activity.

Add trust and secure your website with one of the most recognized brands in the security industry. You can choose from Comodo, Sectigo, Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL directly from us.

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Domain names
Your website starts with a domain.

We have all kinds of extensions, both the old regular and all the new tld’s that are out now.

Find a name that you like and can feel related to. Our automated clientsystem gives you full control over every aspect of your account and it’s activated instantly as soon as your order is completed.

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Bring or buy your own domain and you get a WordPress website with free hosting and:
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We strive to be as flexible as possible if you have any special needs! Small or big, we can probably set you up exactly as you want to.

Our pricing

We operate our own business and are always going to set the pricing as affordable as possible. Everyone can use our services!

Our uptime

Our servers are placed in best possible environment and managed 24/7/365 with premium support team. As in "never down"!

cPanel is the most used controlpanel of them all. You can buy a license from here and take advantage of cPanel and WHM's great features.
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WordPress - b2evolution - Pixie - Chyrp - eggBlog - HTMLy - FlatPress - PageCookery - Storytlr and more blog scripts.

Get SSL-certificate for €7.50 a year.
Comodo Positive SSL certificate is a basic certificate and comes with a $10 000 warranty. This domain validated (DV) certificate offers industry standard encryption at a great price. Plus, this certificate comes backed by the Comodo brand, one of the most trusted names in internet security.
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